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Our travelling philosophy.

Avoid readymade packages, you get a flight and a hotel room, the rest is up to you.

Avoid high seasons, they are the most expensive. You can get good weather and less crowded places, and also cheaper prices if you're flexibel.

Be flexibel, you can save a substansial amount of money, if you're ready to take a stop in between the flights. Does it really matter if you're at your destination with one direct flight or not. You can have a meal in Munich, and arrive a couple of hours later to your destination, after all it's the travel day.

By beeing flexibel you can make different length trips, with ReadyMade trips your locked to 7, 14, 21 ... days. We have found out that 10-12 days is the real relaxing vacation, even if there is always the two travelling days.

By renting an appartment or an villa, you usually get facilities to make your own breakfest, you're not bounded by hotel timetables requiring you to have your breakfest between 07-10, you can sleep according to what our own body likes. You also get a place where you can have your friends sitting the evening together in a more spacious place than a hotel room, or having to go out to some resturants for the space.

If you're a group of family or friends, renting an appartment or a villa gives you a place where all of you can stay together, not being bound by two-person hotel rooms. The larger your group is the more you save per person.

Our experince is, that by following these rules, you can have a longer and much more relaxing trip for the same or less than what a readymade trip would have costed, especially if you're a group of more than two people.

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